We Offer Financial Planning From a
Total Life Perspective

Beginning Investors

Young professionals have all the financial & planning information within a click. The combined wisdom & experience of LSA is the source to sort it out. “Applied Knowledge is Power.”


Preparing for Family, Career & Retirement is a daunting task. LSA’s unique stewardship planning process is the holistic approach you need. Let us help you reach your “Full Potential”

Retire Confidently

You’ve earned what you have by hard work. Now do well to protect it. Secure & Wise investing through LSA can help maintain your quality of life. ” A Smart Investor is a Safe Investor”

Comprehensive Financial Planning in Lancaster, PA

Life Stewardship Advisors is a comprehensive planning firm located in Lancaster PA , with a supporting team dedicated to the application of stewardship principles in the scope of its service.

Our Financial Planning Process

The Life Stewardship Planning Process is how you and your advisor are able to develop a life plan based on the desires of your heart. The process will help you identify the things that are most important to you. Once you have this sense of clarity, you can confidently pursue full potential.

Discover: Discover Your Heart

In this step of the journey, you discover your true, heartfelt values and your highest priorities. It is on this foundation that your life-plan is built.

Plan: Map Wise Choices

This is a strategy unique to you. Encompassing—in addition to Finances—Relationships, Time, Vocation, Possessions, Health and Spiritual Well Being.

Implement: Do the Right Things

This is where Life Stewardship Advisors applies their knowledge and experience to customize your plan for your present life-stage.

Monitor — Stay on Course

Your true plan is now in place. However, consistent Monitoring to adapt to changes in seasons of life is essential to help keep you on course.

Our Comprehensive Services

Financial Planning

Comprehensive, personalized financial planning with Life Stewardship Advisors will help you become a true steward of your wealth, living a more purposeful, satisfying, and fulfilled life.

For more than thirty years, we’ve been providing financial planning in Lancaster County to help clients achieve their financial goals and realize their values.

Investments & Wealth Management

If you’re confused by the plethora of investment options available these days, and wondering how to grow your assets efficiently, Life Stewardship Advisors can help.

Our comprehensive wealth and investment management services have been helping Lancaster County savers grow their assets for over three decades.

Estate Planning

No one likes to think about end of life planning, but the truth is that estate and legacy planning is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones – and yourself.

Estate planning isn't just about wills and trusts – it's about passing wisdom as well as wealth. True stewardship of your resources involves planning for more than just your lifetime.


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